Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mind Your Marketing Manners

Foul language, aggressive sales people, dismissive behavior, men talking over women, cyber-bullys, and a world short on patience and respect for the other guy has replaced manners and decency; online and off.Anyone reading this newsletter does not fall into the category of intentionally bad mannered or disrespectful but if you are missing some of the rules of the game of marketing, you might be seen that way. Marketing today is a game of relationship building vs. ABC, always be selling.You are welcome to join me in a wee rant if you have experienced any of the following.

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Want An Easy Way To Increase Your Sales?

Work your customer list. Sounds sooooo simple and easy but very few small business owners do it.
What's that you say? You don't keep a list of prospects or customers?
Shame, shame, shame. You should be. Because there's lots of gold to mine using this one simple marketing tactic.
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5 Business Marketing Trends You Need for 2018

We're at that time of year again where we're in a swirl of activities around the holidays, but every business leader understands that this is the time he or she should be looking to ensure next year's success. Marketing is an essential aspect of any group or organization, and in the digital era, it's critical that you provide your team is focusing on the following as we soon speed into 2018.

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What Are the Best Business and Investment Opportunities?

It is often said that opportunities comes rarely and it is very much essential to identify the opportunity that comes your way. It is equally important to obtain the best opportunities in business to achieve the pinnacle of success. Amongst all the business and investment opportunities available, the opportunities are abundant and still the best through the virtual world. 

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The Importance of Business and Investment Opportunities in Achieving Success With a Home Business
There are so many people in the world that want to be successful but there are not a lot of them that know how to be successful. Of course there are many ways for you to be successful but the key is to find something that's going to be effective. This article is going to show you the importance of business and investment opportunities and how you can take advantage of them in order to achieve success you are looking for.
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